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Home > ProductsCAS:151666-08-9_Piperidine,3-phenoxy-


Product ID: AMOT0403
CAS No.: 151666-08-9
Purity: 96%
In stock: Inquiry
Package: As required
Storage conditions: Cool,Dry,Closed

Synonym chemical name(s):

CAS No.:151666-08-9

MDL No.:MFCD04117746

Molecular Formula:C11H15NO

Molecular Weight:177.2429

NMR:1 H NMR (DMSO-d6) delta3.53-3.60 (1H, m, H-5'), 3.64-3.72 (1H, m, H-5'b), 3.96 (1H, q, H-4'), 4.14 (1H, q, H-3'), 4.50-4.59 (1H, m, H-2' and --C--H)), 5.07 (1H, t, 5'-OH), 5.23, 5.50 (2H, 2d, 2'- and 3'-OH), 5.84 (1H, d, H-1'), 6.79-7.32 (5H, 3m, Ar-H), 8.45 (1H, s, H-8), 9.55 (1H, s, N--H)

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